Selena Gomez, ‘I am growing up, falling in love..’

Gorgeous & Fashionable, Selena Gomez talks to Teen Vogue. She reveals / Quotes:

“Kids never get a shot at talking to me because they’re always being trampled by older people, so I try to pull them aside and make time.. I love Marchesa and Christian Cota, but my everyday look is really casual. I want my fans to know that these are the kinds of pieces I genuinely wear”

Selena also talked about her upcoming September 21st album, “A Year Without Rain”:

“People will be surprised. It’s an older, more powerful sound..’ ‘I still go through what every normal teenager goes through: I am growing up, falling in love, having heartbreak, dealing with friendships. I just don’t get a locker or go to prom. I would love to have those two things.”

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