Joe Jonas donates $10,000 to Casa Grande Hospital!

Joe Jonas donated $10,000 to the Casa Grande Hospital, in Casa Grande, AZ yesterday, September 14.  Joe was born at this hospital 21 years ago and the donation will be given to purchase new bassinets and monitor equipment.

Joe visited the hospital as well yesterday to attend the dedication ceremony for “The Joe Jonas Nursery”.  President and CEO of CGRMC, Rona Curphy, stated ”We are honored that Joe and his family’s foundation, Change for the Children, are willing to support the hospital and the town where he was born. Their generous donation will allow us to purchase equipment to update our newborn nursery.” Curphy continued, “We are so excited to dedicate our nursery to Joe Jonas because we want to inspire our small town community to know that their children can accomplish wonderful dreams. We like to think that dreams start here in our baby nursery everyday. Our families just need to dream, believe, and then they will succeed”.


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