Exclusive: Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Bowling Together in Burbank, [20/2/11]

We’ve contacted the witness who saw Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus bowling together on Sunday, and asked them a couple of questions, exclusively.

Miley took the time to take a picture [above] with a fan during her time in Pickwick.

You can read the Q&A under,

  • When did you spot them?

We spotted Miley & Nick on February 20th, 2011 in Burbank CA.

  • What time did you spot them?

My friends and I walked into Pickwick around 10:45. Miley & Nick walked in around 11 or 11:10 pm.


  • Where there any paparazzi?
There were no paparazzi. There were only a few employees and small groups of people at various bowling lanes. My friends and I were sitting at the little tables above the lanes, watching the Allstar basketball game on the little TVs that hung above everyone.


  • Were they alone?
Miley and Nick didn’t have anyone else with them, except Big Rob who was sitting at the bench right next to their ball return.


  • Did they look like their having fun?
They looked like they were having fun. Miley laughed a lot and Nick smiled a lot.


  • What was Miley wearing? and what was Nick wearing?
Miley was in a blackish grey short-sleeved shirt with a design on it and a pair of jeans. Her hair was really long and wavy. Nick was wearing a green baseball cap, a t shirt, and jeans. He was also carrying his own bowling bag (it looked like a duffel bag).


  • On a scale from 1 to 10, [below 5 means they went out as friends], [over 5 means they looked like a couple].
I would give it a 5. They weren’t holding hands or hugging or kissing or anything. I actually didn’t see them touch at all. But they looked really happy and comfortable together, and they stood close together when they were looking at their bowling scores on the screen.


  • When did they [Nick & Miley] leave?
My friends and I left before they did, so I have no idea what time they left. It must have been pretty late because they were still bowling when we left around 11:30 pm.


  • Additional Details:
My friends and I were staring at them a lot, and when I lifted my iPhone up to take a picture, Big Rob gave me a serious look, so I got scared and put my phone away. I also made eye contact with Nick for a really long time. He looked like he felt uncomfortable with people staring at him so I stopped watching him after a while. Miley seemed more carefree and interactive with other people (which is why she took a pic with a fan, probably). But Nick seemed pretty shy and quiet.

Special thanks to ZRW for answering our questions.

13 thoughts on “Exclusive: Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Bowling Together in Burbank, [20/2/11]

  1. I’m actually not a Niley believer, but every time it looks like they are totally dunzo, it turns out they are communicating. It would really be something if Miley could bring Nick around to thinking about marriage, eventually. I think that would make her happy.

  2. I heard from SarahMOnline that that wasn’t Nick at all. Plus I think he was doing something else that night anyway. You just have to check the dates and his tweets. But SarahMOnline said it was Josh whatever was the one with her not Nick. But idk when you see big rob you pretty much can’t confuse him so idk

  3. I wish I could publish like you. Your page Exclusive: Miley
    Cyrus & Nick Jonas Bowling Together in Burbank, [20/2/11] | Disney
    Star Facts – Gossip, News & What’s The Truth has pushed me to get off my butt and get some word out to the world. You have boosted my confidence just by writing so well.

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