GOOD LUCK CHARLIE – “Let’s Potty” – Bob and Amy’s plans for Charlie’s potty training go awry when she flushes her toys and clogs up the pipes. When Bob attempts to fix the problem himself, he inadvertently shuts off the power and water for the night. While the rest of the Duncans are struggling to cope, PJ and Gabe have secretly created a haven in their bedroom by hooking up all their electronics to an extension cord – from Mrs. Dabney’s house. Meanwhile, Teddy’s plan to help Ivy prepare for an online chat with her new crush Raymond falls through when the power goes out, so she finds a way to get them together, in a new episode of “Good Luck Charlie,” premiering SUNDAY, MARCH 6 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel. (DISNEY CHANNEL/CRAIG SJODIN)


  1. Hi!

    I wanted to say that Leigh-Allyn Baker is my favorite all time actress ever! – NO JOKE! SHE IS HILARIOUS! And the thing is, I’m 12, I’m not a stalker. I really hope this gets throught to Leigh-Allyn. I wanted her to see what I have to say about her! She reminds me of my mom. The whole Duncan family reminds me of my family! Love you, Amy Duncan!



  2. I love you so much!! Leigh-Allyn Baker I wish I was you!! my mom and I love you! and watch every single episode ever made by you! my dream is too meet you one day!!

  3. Hi! to every one out there I love to receive letter’s/photos/meet my favorite Celebrities from around the world! I wanted say to Bridgit Mendler that Im sorry about your lost and I hope you’re doing okay and will feel better real soon.I know what it’s like to lose some one you love(family,friends etc.etc. I’ve been through it all..My mom died when I was very young so you’re not alone ok) Im a Breast Cancer Survivor!!.age 48 my birthstone color is Purple and Pink is my next favorite to surport BC..I love just about all of Walt Disney things/t.v. shows/games etc.I write songs(poems)knit/crochet/draw cartoons etc.I would love to meet Leigh in person and Bridgit and the rest of the Duncan there a way for Bridgit or Leigh can sing one of my song for me?I would love to join the Duncan Family fan club.(Email Address also)I would love to see more of Leigh on the show(doing Mother,Daughter things together or the Mother having more friends,singing songs with Bridgit etc.)I love the whole Duncan family because they remind me of a perfect family that I never had and my family well they put u down or make u feel bad about a lot of stuff etc.Happy New years to every one with lots of love your fan..
    Yours truely Ms.sharonda price
    P.S.Please! send me a photo of you all if you can and how do I go about joining your fan club and writing to you all on the Good luck charlie show??
    just in case I hear from u all real soon here’s my Address:1817 Honey suckle lane apt.109 S.W. Atlanta Ga.30311 please! write me asauc-asap Eye would love 2 hear from u ok.
    I love ur style Leigh and for Eric I would love to see you do more funny stuff as well as fixing things you’re still Kool too and your style is great and you all make me Giggle just like any other T.V. show’s that I see Cool,Keep up the good work..

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