Nick Jonas Sings Before The Storm Solo, Medley, Talks About Miley at Washington D.C Show


Nick Jonas looked very emotional when he sang Before The Storm Solo. He also said “shit” right before singing SOS.

Set list:

Last Time Around, Rose Garden, Before The Storm, Give Love A Try, Lovebug, Olive & An Arrow, London Foolishly, BB Good, Fly With Me,SOS, Who I Am.

Quotes from the show:

Nick: “what’s the song you most connected to?”


Nick: “well, You’re a star”

Nick About writing SOS: “I was 13, and I was very excited to have a date.. now I think, this is so dramatic.”

John Taylor: “who were you inspired by for this song?” Nick: “there was a girl… there’s always a girl”

  • Nick said he wrote “Before The Storm” it with someone [Miley] he cares a lot about.

Nick: “you think you know what the songs are about, and you’re usually right.”

Photos: Nick Jonas Heads To Meeting in L.A

Nick Jonas spotted after having some meeting with his handlers in Los Angeles, California.

Photo Credit: INF.

Demi Lovato’s Rep Responds To Jonas Lawsuit Rumor, “Completely Untrue”

A rumor started a few days ago that Demi Lovato was being sued by the Jonas Brothers Management for several reasons.
Demi’s rep fired back saying,
“No, that is completely untrue”.
Demi is not being sued by the Jonas Management. Lovato has left treatment a few weeks ago, and won’t be in the third season of “Sonny With A Chance” for a couple episodes that started production back when she was still in the Treatment Center. (Mid-January)
It’s also being said that Demi is back on Twitter, but it’s not confirmed yet, so it’s probably not true.

Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato @ Nick Jonas’ 18th Birthday Party!

Miley Cyrus was Spotted in Jerrys Deli before going out to pinz to wish her long former love of her life, Nick Jonas a Happy Birthday! Her and Demi bowled, danced and just had a great time. Joe Jonas was also there. Happy 18th Birthday Nick Jonas!

Joe Jonas Continues To Go Without His Purity Ring!

Joe Jonas shopped with a friend at American Rag in Los Angeles, CA on September 15, 2010 and seemed to have a great time.  The middle Jonas used to always wear a purity ring, like his brothers, on his wedding finger.  However, Joe hasn’t been bashful about showing a ring free finger as of late. Could his new rumored girlfriend, Ashley Greene have something to do with that? :]