Perez Hilton disses Kevin Jonas!

In a recent interview, Frankie Jonas revealed that his favorite brother was Nick. Then Joe, then Kevin.

And this is what Perez Hilton has to say on his website:

“Ha! Will no one admit that they like Kevin Jonas best?! (Or at all!)”

Which is a bit harsh. Perez also commented:

“Yes, you are last Kevin, as per usual! It really shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise!

Hey, someone ask his wife the same question and see what the answer is!”

These comments made the Jonas fans really upset and angry, On Twitter and on Facebook.

Perez always seemed to have a problem with the oldest Jonas, Kevin. But this time, he took it too far!


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[Spotted] Noah Cyrus & Frankie Jonas together at a Road Dogs game.

According to Road Dogs attenders/tweeters, Noah Cyrus & Frankie Jonas are at the Road Dogs game together.

17:01-NOTE: It was a mistaken identity. Noah was not at the Road Dogs game.

In another news, Nick Jonas talks about how much his song with Miley Cyrus means to him, and gave Miley a random shoutout during his live concert. [Video under]

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