Photo: Justin Bieber On The Ellen DeGeneres Show [23/2/11]

Justin Bieber made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode airing on Wednesday, February 23.


Photos: Justin Bieber shows off his new haircut while shooting Music Video [21/2]

Justin Bieber looks ready for business as the serious-looking teenybopper prepares to film his latest music video in Los Angeles. The “Never Say Never” star received a pep talk from a crew member before making his way onto the set. The teen singer looked hip with his retro glasses, leather jacket, and ‘blinged’ out silver necklace.

Photo Credit: Jeff Steinberg / Matt Smith, ©

Spotted: Justin Bieber hugging girl during filming the music video to “U Smile” in L.A

Justin Bieber films the music video to his song “U Smile” in Downtown Los Angeles. The song is dedicated to his fans and is the third song to be released from his alnbum in the USA. Will Smith‘s son, Jaden Smith, also made a visit to the set with his minder.

The 5 Predicitons – Week #1 , Sept. 9

We are starting something we’d like to call “Predictions”. It’s a new thing were doing weekly, it’s basically our predictions of what you might expect of a certain event.



P#1- Selena Gomez will possibly cause a scandal/controversy at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

P#2- Mitchel Musso‘s new album will be released sometime between Nov-10 and Nov-17.

P#3- Justin Bieber fans will figure out a way to make anything Bieber-related trend.

P#4- Miley Cyrus will get back together with Liam Hemsworth someday. [Fact]

P#5-  Zanessa will be engaged! ..Just kidding.


Well that’s it for this week. Simple predictions. Until next week, Au revoir!