Disney Photoshops Miley, Hannah Montana Forever Photoshoot

Above you can see a Never Released Picture from the Hannah Montana Forever Photoshoot that was taken back in March, 2010.

You can notice the major photoshop the editors have done in these pictures (above & below). You can also notice Miley‘s head being photoshopped into different bodies in some photos. No wonder these photos were never released as promotion for the final season back then.

Photo Courtesy: Disney.

Photo Credit: AD.

Photos: Miley Cyrus Caught Leaving Boyfriend’s House? [2/20]

Miley Cyrus covers up her face while out in Hollywood with a girlfriend on Sunday night.

Reports say she was ‘caught leaving her boyfriend’s house’.¬†For recent Miley pictures, click here.

Photo credit: x17online.

Photos: Miley Cyrus Arrives For Dance Class in LA, 2/21

Miley Cyrus is pictured arriving for dance class in Los Angeles, California. Miley confirmed on the red carpet at the Grammy’s last week that she will be touring this year.

Photo Credit: INF, WENN.